Homework Tips For Kids With ADHD

Many ADD kids struggle with homework so we have compiles some homework tips for kids with ADHD

Sitting still, concentrating and listening to instructions can all be difficult for children with ADHD. A structured homework strategy minimizes any reluctance to doing homework and organizational strategies help with forgetfulness. A study done by Cooper+Nye(1994) indicated homework was effective with ADD kids when homework habits were monitored, there was notebook organization, and homework assignments were completed.

Here are some tips for a school to minimize homework hassles, promote good study habits and keep schoolwork organized.

Homework Tips For Kids With ADHDTalk to the teacher

Talk to the teacher about the need to write down homework assignments and to make sure homework comes home.

Having a school diary or special notebook that you can look at and the teacher can check makes sure you know what assignments, projects and homework is due.

Make a homework center

A homework center with everything your child needs means the environment will help your child settle down to to work. If they have a lot of energy sitting on an exercise ball may help them burn it off while they focus on schoolwork. Have paper, pencils and everything they need organized and ready to go. Have all the materials on hand to keep them on task.

Organize and supervise

Being close by means you can see when your child needs help or needs a break. Review your child’s assignments together and make sure they understand the instructions.

Break longer assignments into shorter parts. You may want to break homework into different sections with breaks inbetween. Keep instructions brief and simple.

Minimize distractions

ADD kids are easily distracted. a quiet environment away from TV, and any noises will help with concentration.

Allow more time to finish assignments

ADD kids works slower and need more time, more supervision and more encouragement to finish assignments. With worksheets you can cover all the questions except the one they are working on. Create a folder where finished assignments so they get handed in to the teacher.

Make visual reminders

A bulletin board where you can pin reminders and assignments that need to be finished makes it easy for them to see what they need to do.

Work with your child’s teacher to provide support inside and outside the classroom. Use learning specific daily goals and learning strategies to meet developmental learning goals.

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