A Sensory Processing Disorder Check-list for Toddlers

What You Need to Know About SPD or Sensory Processing Disorder for Toddlers

A normal week for a toddler is filled with play dates, the occasional birthday party and meal at a kid friendly restaurant. But for parents with an SPD kid this can mean meltdowns, uncomfortable social behaviour and an evening of calming and soothing your child to sleep.

A Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist for ToddlersKids who have SPD can interpret a light touch as being hit hard, quiet music as deafening and noise and activity from kid’s normal play as sensory tornado.

SPD is more than the terrible twos and typical toddler behaviour. It is chronic and daily over or under reaction to normal events. We often say they’ll grow out of it but for toddlers with sensory overload the behaviour and development difficulties don’t seem to change and often get worse.

SPD Checklist for Toddlers

  • Has meltdowns when changing activities or locations
  • Is a picky eater, doesn’t like new food or textures
  • Hyper-focused on one parent or caregiver
  • Has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Does not like getting dressed or undressed, dislikes the feeling of clothes, often feels clothes are too tight
  • Hyper-sensitive to touch
  • Rarely plays with toys that use fine motor or gross motor skills
  • Plays rough, doesn’t stop when other kids cry or communicate stop
  • Has difficulty switching from tasks, get hyper focused or stuck on one thing
  • Slow response when hurt
  • Has trouble calming self or winding down from a tantrum
  • Has a floppy body and has poor motor skill, bumps into things and poor balance
  • Little or no babbling or communicating or using words
  • Constantly active, moving and running constantly
  • Has delayed developmental milestones in crawling, standing walking and running

Your child may have some of these symptoms as normal toddler behaviour. But if you feel your toddler may have SPD you can use this checklist as a guide to communicate your concerns about your child’s development with your health professional or occupational therapist.

Coordikids, child development programs have a program with week to week modules you can do at home. Coordikids has helped many families work through their child’s developmental and SPD problems with success by applying sensory integration techniques to meet developmental milestones and improve behaviour and learning.

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