Cyberbullying Safety for Concerned Parents

Many kids are confused about cyberbullying and what they should do if they see or experience it.

If your child has a mobile phone or uses social media, as a concerned parent you’ll want to have a discussion about cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying Safety for Concerned ParentsIt’s important to talk regularly to your kids about online issues. It’s also a good idea to let your kids know if they are bullied they won’t have their computer privileges taken away.

Kids need to trust parents and parents need to know how to make the Internet a safer place for their kids.

10 Cyberbullying Safety Tips you can use right now.

Talk to Your Kids

  1. Talk to your kids, make sure they understand exactly what cyberbullying is. Cyberbullying isn’t one angry text. It’s repetitive behaviour with the intent to harm.
  2. Let your child know the reasons they never give out any personal information. Explain what personal information is exactly. They may not realize their address and age are considered personal.
  3. Make sure your child knows to keep all passwords a secret and why this is so important.
  4. If someone sends a threatening or inappropriate message let your kids know it’s important they don’t delete it. Tell them to show it to you right away. Remember one angry text just shows poor judgement not bullying.
  5. Ask your child not to e-mail or text anyone back when they are angry and not to respond to an inappropriate e-mail. It is much easier to simply block this persons communication.

    Safety tips

  6. Keep a computer in a common area or have your child work in the room with the door open. Take a peek at what your child is doing on the net.
  7. Set up all your child’s internet accounts together and know all their passwords.
  8. Check their accounts regularly to see if there are any signs of bullying or inappropriate messaging.
  9. Look at the age suitability of the social media sites for your child, make your own Internet rules.
  10. Look at installing web filtering and parental software. This software which can limit usage times and restrict the sites they can visit.

With these tips your child can use the Internet safely and confidently.

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