Social Skills

Social skills range from the simple to the complex.

They can be as as simple as engaging in conversation, listening, asking questions or more complex such as reading body language, interpreting facial expression and picking up social nuances. To the adult this can seem simple and straightforward.

Social Skills introBut if your child is struggling with developmental social skills, doesn’t know how to join a group, make friends or conversation you may be unsure of what to do.

Whether your child has autism spectrum disorder or just experiencing a few ups and downs learning how you can support your child’s social skills can make a world of difference.

Studies have shown that children with good social skills are more resilient and have better success in school.

Support, time and attention combined with knowledge will help your child meet their developmental milestones and achieve the emotional intelligence that kids need to navigate the complex solar system of school life.

Kids Learning HQ can help you discover how you can help your child with social skills for a happier school life.

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