What Research Shows About Homework

There is a lot of Research about Homework and the results are split.

According to the School Library Journal (2005) students are getting higher marks with less preparation, the Washington Post (2006) reports that more homework equals more complaints and other research points out that there is no correlation between time on homework and achievement. Another study shows that too much parental help can actually lower marks.

What The Research Shows About HomeworkStudies have shown more than 80% of parents feel their kids have too much homework and that kids are spending much longer completing assignments.

Yet other research shows there is less correlation between achievement and homework in the early years with a positive correlation between homework from Year 8 up.

But that research doesn’t solve your problem if your child is falling behind in schoolwork. And there’s the other problem of finishing assignments, doing projects and memorizing facts and concepts for tests and assessments. What do you do?

Even more importantly, researchers found that homework has a greater influence than just learning.

It teaches responsibility and life skills as well as the ability to manage tasks and cope with distractions. Lets face it being organized and consistent with anything makes better outcomes.

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