What Parents Think About Homework

There is a philosophical divide between what parents think about homework.

There are those parents who feel 7 hours a day at school is enough and want a play-centered family orientated time when their kids are home. They are less interested in helping with schoolwork.

What Parents Think About HomeworkThen there are the parents who prefer to schedule their child’s time are driven and very focused on achievement at school. These parents feel homework is valuable and are homework driven. They prefer to be involved in all homework and school life.

Although these are two extremes the truth is most parents fall in between the two.

Parents are most concerned about homework when their child falls behind, has poor marks, has an assessment or project due or they have a child that is not fulfilling their potential and doesn’t do homework. They also have concerns when too much homework is causing stress and health problems.

On top of this many schools have homework polices ranging from banning homework completely, to hours of after school homework.

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