The Pros Of Home-Schooling For Kids And Parents

There are many happy homeschooling parents who would never school their children any other way.

But every parent will agree that there are pros and cons to homeschooling. For many the pros win and the freedom and autonomy of home schooling is very rewarding.

The Pros of Homeschooling

Pros of Home Schooling for Kids and Parents

Relaxed schedule

The appeal with home-schooling is the relaxed schedule. Many parents like this idea.

Having a system where kids can work on their own time and progress at their own speed is very different from regular schooling. They can shoot ahead in math or reading and not be held back by the school year and curriculum.

With the relaxed schedule learning can be spontaneous, you have time for field trips or if your child is tired they can rest.

No more dark circles under the eyes, hour long bus rides or studying until midnight and getting up at six. Many parents favor the health benefits of their kids being under less pressure and being able to rest more.

Child- Led Learning

Many educators rate some level of child led learning as a plus. The curriculum is fluid. Every day is a learning adventure. Holidays become an educational opportunity and creativity and lateral thinking and curiosity are part of everyday learning.

Parent at Home

Many homeschooling parents miss their children when they go to school. They find a school day with after school activities means they never see their children.

Having a home school day with after school activities for some parents provides a well rounded approach with lots of high quality family time.

For parents who have children with health concerns it means a healthier learning environment.

More Profound Learning Environment

Schooling at home can create a more profound learning environment with the focus on doing fewer subjects for loner periods of time and the ability to branch out and so cross curricular lessons. It can mean a deeper richer curriculum where you learn from everything around you.

There is no busy work school takes less time as there isn’t a class of 30 to manage. Schoolwork takes less time, there is more one to one. Home-schooled kids can accomplish in a few hours what it takes a class to do in a day.

Can Use Learning Styles

The parent also gets to know how their children learn, what are their preferred learning styles and how to use learning styles to create interesting activities.

Another advantage is your kids are more influenced by your beliefs and values. This means you have greater ability to control their environment teach them what you belief and limit outside influences.

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