The Cons Of Home-Schooling For Kids And Parents

Home-schooling just isn’t an educational decision it is a financial and lifestyle decision.

Although home-schooling does have many benefits like everything there is the other side of the coin.

The Cons of Homeschooling

Cons Of Home-Schooling For Kids And Parents

Feeling Lonely- Some home-schooled kids felt lonely. If you are home-schooling one child or two children that are far apart in age doing extra curricular activities and meeting their social needs can take up more of your time. Some kids complained that home-schooling was boring. There is a risk that

Social Skills

With kids home with a parent all day social skills like making friends, joining groups, being part of a team and asking questions in a group may be diminished. After school activities which give the child time with other children and instruction with other adults help with social skills. Teaming up with other home-school families can also provide home schoolers with friends and social fun.

Lack Knowledge

Kids may be lacking in knowledge in less preferred subjects making it a catch up game if they end up taking community or on line courses. it’s more work for the parent to teach subjects they don’t like or don’t know as well. It is a little harder making your child to study what they are not that interested in for well-rounded schooling. Parents need to keep a balance between following a child’s interest and having a well planned activity.

Finances- Homeschooling means one parent is home at all times so your family has to live off one income. Depending on the laws where you live and what type of homeschooling you choose it can get expensive. Books, units of study and all materials need to be purchased by you.

Before you make any big decisions, write down you list of pros and cons and see which side wins.

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