Homework Tips for Parents

8 Homework Tips for Parents to take the frustration out of homework, save your time and give your child a routine so they keep up with school.

If you have a motivated self starter you probably don’t think too much about homework. If your child is disorganized, struggles to complete assignments or gets low marks when you know they can do better homework is a frustrating issue.

Homework Tips for ParentsParents can help their kids with their homework by becoming a resource for their kids.

This might include advising with time management and scheduling issues, giving support or making homework part of an evening routine.

Homework friendly area

Some children are very organized and focused and work better in a quiet distraction free area. Other kids need to be supervised and others like to chatter and talk about what they are doing. Make a homework friendly area that will suit your child’s learning style and the level of your involvement.

Regular study time

Having a regular study time sets up good study habits that will last a lifetime. If a child knows homework is done at this time in this place there is a lot less resistance as doing homework becomes a routine and habit.

Observe their learning style

Does your child like color, stationary and visuals, or do they concentrate better listening to music? Maybe they need to hop in and out of their chair and fiddle with toys on the table. Work with how your child likes to learn rather against it.

Help them get started

What does your child need to get into the homework groove. Do they need time to run around in the fresh air, or are they in a homework mood when they come home from school? Do you need to feed them, set out pens and paper or chat about what they are going to do. Developing routine cues to transition your child into homework makes concentrating on the task at hand easier.

Prevent brain fatigue and boredom

Frequent breaks, drinking water and spending shorter study periods on one subjects helps prevent brain fatigue and boredom especially if it is a subject your child does not enjoy. Shorter, more intensive studying is better for memory and makes after school work less of a chore.

Prioritize and Lighten the Load

Some kids have a harder time with organizing skills than others. Your child may need some help with choosing what assignment to do first, chunking down longer projects into easier daily tasks or even organizing all their paper from school. Organizing and making a plan always lightens the load and prioritizing is a learned skill that most kids need help with.

Give them positive feedback and encouragement

Positive feedback and encouragement is uplifting. It’s a lot easier to learn when you feel good about yourself and what you are learning.

Establish a reward system

Rewards are wonderful and saving that little bit of computer or TV time as a reward for doing homework can be a motivator. This can be part of your homework routine.

Getting organized to make a homework routine can be challenging.

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