Homework Tips for Grades 7 to 9

Homework for Grades 7 to 9 always has a specific purpose.

It may mean preparing for a lesson the next day, reviewing new material, re-reading to understand concepts or preparing for a test. Educators recommend 45 to 90 minutes of schoolwork a day to keep up with the school workload.

Homework Tips for Grades 7 to 9With this age group fostering independence, organization and study skills is part of a parents job.

With an increased workload its good to have a system or homework plan to prevent overwhelm and procrastination. These years may require a more hands off approach by parents but research has shown kids feel better about school when their parents take an interest.

Here are some tips to get your teenager to develop and stick with a homework routine:

Talk to them about their homework likes and dislikes

This will give you an idea of what homework they will easily do and what homework they may need your support for. Homework that isn’t enjoyed can be scheduled in, supervised or just checked.

Negotiate a study time

Years 7 to 9 written assignments are longer, projects more complicated and more to learn for tests. Negotiate a study time with your teenager. Discuss the minimum time they need a day, how long they will study and when they will have breaks. Make this a discussion and agreement. Explain how 45 minutes of homework still leaves time for hobbies and sport.

Negotiate break time

Studies show we remember what we are learning the first 10 minutes of any study time so negotiate short study time with breaks. This has another advantage, greater focus and concentration and less wasted time. Frequent short breaks make memorizing easier and studying a little more effortless.

Learn some effective memory techniques together

Creating visual pictures in your mind, knowing how your short term memory and long term memory work and learning those little tips and techniques that make memorizing anything easier builds confidence and motivation. It also let’s you be positively involved with your child’s learning and benefit you too.

Discuss a range of study skills

Simple things like re-reading your notes, highlighting what you need to know for a test or re-writing concepts in your own words helps with long term memory, comprehension in a few minutes every day. It is hard to improve when you don’t know new strategies.

Discuss projects, homework and study for tests

Start a dialogue about school. Ask “how school work is going, is anything due, what do they need to study and is there anything they need help with.” Creating a dialogue about school opens the door for your child to come to you when they need help.

Help with organizational skills

Being organized is a common sense time management skill. With something as simple as recording assignments to breaking down a project into doable day to day steps, being organized helps achievement.

Offer to help with test preparation

The big test is looming and some parental support may or may not be welcome. Let your child know you are there to help them in any way they need to memorize and study for the test. Make their test topic dinner conversation. Ask them what vocabulary or definitions they need to know.

A good knowledge of age appropriate study skills can boost your child’s confidence and make learning and school work much easier.

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