Homework Help For Parents Of Grades 1 – 3

How to Provide Homework Help for Parents of Grades 1 – 3

Kids usually get homework in the early grades as a way to reinforce the arithmetic, spelling, reading and printing that they are learning during class time. Every school has a different philosophy around homework in these early years. Even schools that have banned homework still recommend a half hour of reading a day.

Homework Help For Parents Of Grades 1-3The most important concept at this stage is to make the homework enjoyable.

Kids love sharing their achievements and showing what they have done. Planning to sit with your child or work together at the same table will really help.

Doing small amounts of homework every day is the foundation to creating good study habits.

Here are a few tips to make homework for those early school years blend seamlessly into your evening routine.

Make homework, play work

Make homework fun for your grade 1 – 3er. Having a collection of special pencils or crayons.

  • Make homemade flash cards together,
  • build a reading tent,
  • make guessing games with sounds and letters.
  • Make posters with times tables and have your child color them in.

Giving your child attention and making learning games together will make homework feel like play.

Add what they like to do. You can bounce a ball and count you can do times tables to music you can draw, sing and chant. Homework doesn’t have to be done sitting at a table.

We all learn differently and repeating what you have to learn in different ways makes memorizing and learning much easier.

Use the 10 minute homework rule

Research has shown that 10 minutes of homework per grade is a good standard to organize yourself by. This can mean 5 or 10 minutes before or after dinner. It can also include reading time. Ten minutes isn’t a lot of time but that means around an hour of learning fun a week.

Do something different each day

Different days have different activities. Some days your child may be tired on other days need more play. Mix it up a bit. You may do a little math review on Monday and Wednesday with a little bit of spelling and just do reading on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s consistency that counts.

Look at homework time as bonding time with your child

Kids love a special time with Mom or Dad. This is a great time to mix some positive reinforcement with a little bit of homework. Having a playtime where you count with numbers or use math to bake together or some nice reading time makes a positive connection to you and learning.

Let your child do a fun activity when homework is done

Delaying TV, cartoons or a game until homework is done teacher work first, play later. It establishes a good routine that you can develop for later years.

Spending a few minutes a day on schoolwork can be fun and interesting . It sets a foundation for some really great study habits.

Click here for simple homework tips for parents.

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