Why Mental Maths Skills are Great for Kids

Mental maths is the ability to to get an answer quickly and accurately without using a calculator or pen and paper.

So why are Mental math skills great for kids? Having good mental maths skills has a lot of advantages for the school age child. It speeds up thinking, introduces them to different strategies for solving problems and improves number sense.

Why does mental maths help kids who find maths difficult to understand?

Why Mental Maths Skills Are Great For KidsMental maths uses strategies instead of a step by step process. The strategies are simple to use so kids can choose the maths short cut that suits the way they understand numbers.

Kids who usually struggle with maths have the experience of suddenly knowing the answer. They get how the calculation works. It’s a small but significant win when it comes to mathematical ability. Those aha moments can make a more confident learner.

10 good reasons to develop mental maths skills

  • Speeds up the ability to solve maths problems
  • Improves number sense
  • Make complicated problems easier to understand
  • Is more holistic
  • Uses both the right and left brain combining logical with those aha moments
  • Non-mathematical thinkers can suddenly get the answers
  • Mathematical thinkers get even faster with their facts
  • Students understand how numbers work instead of memorizing how they work
  • Can use different strategies to get the answer
  • Can learn with games

Developing mental maths in the early years helps with calculating one, two and three digit problems quickly. This makes manipulating numbers,shapes and patterns a lot easier in the later years developing that intuitive number sense that helps in solving complex maths problems.

Mental maths encourages understanding not memorization. Answers can look or sound right or wrong. and the learner has more than one method to come to the correct answer.

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