How To Get Your Teenager To Study For Math

How to help your child on improve their Maths Study Skills

How to Get Your Teenager to Study for MathYour son comes home and tells you he has a math test tomorrow. He hands you a crumpled piece of paper out of his backpack. He almost failed his last test. What do you do ? At this point nothing. It’s pretty impossible to study and do well the night before. But once this test is done you have all the time in the world to work with your child on improving their study skills.

Young children and teenagers often don’t know basic study skills.

On top of this many kids need a parent to help support them with self- discipline and follow through so they can self manage a study program.

Often it is up to parents to help them with this. Creating a simple study skills program that you supervise can boost marks and improve attitude. The earlier you start the better their habits . Here are three tips to help you and your child work together for those elusive better math marks and a more confident math attitude.

Math Study Schedule At Home

Set up a easy study schedule that works for you both. Even 20 minutes a day to review the math they are studying in school and practice solving problems will make them more prepared for the test. Process is important. Learning math is repetitive and the key to math is doing the problems until you can do it quickly.

Are there math gaps

By doing short study every day you will figure out the learning gaps and what your child needs to review. You may need to get some extra math resources to review previous math lessons just to make sure your child has it down pat.

Review mistakes in the last Math test.

When you review your child’s last math test you may find they make the same problems over and over again. Two common problems are not reading the directions, not writing neatly. Some study issues are not knowing math vocabulary, not getting regular consistent math practice and only doing what is easy. This is where you the parent may have to step in and encourage and supervise study.

Homework Tips

Being efficient with homework is about setting priorities and doing math homework well is no different. Simple habits like highlighting or circling the math problems you had difficulty with. Writing down the rules or formula you need to review to get a problem correct or even asking the teacher to explain are all good study skills.

Also have an idea of your child’s learning style. This helps you organize a study program that is less stressful and more enjoyable for your child. Study habits that work for visuals kids don’t work as well with kids who prefer an auditory style.

Know Your math vocabulary

Math has vocabulary and if you don’t know the vocabulary you can’t understand the question. This is usually a big learning gap with kids who struggle with math tests. A week before you test study your math vocabulary so you know it cold and practice the wrong answers

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How To Get Your Teenager To Study For Math
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