15 Ways to Improve Number Sense in Young Children

Young children are like learning sponges and you can improve Number Sense in Young Children as they absorb new information quite easily and quickly.

This is a great time to bring numbers into your daily home life so your child develops number sense.

15 Ways to Improve Number Sense in Young ChildrenNumber sense is important from kindergarten to grade 9. It’s developing flexible thinking and intuition about numbers.

Number sense is needed to learn mental math strategies which are mathematical shortcuts when figuring out calculations in your head.

Have you ever counted change from a purchase and had that feeling the change wasn’t right?

That is mental math in action. Number sense and mental math are not the product of rote learning but a deeper understanding of how numbers work. Feeling that an answer is right or wrong and being able to get to a correct answer without a step by step process is mental math.

Younger children start their mental math foundation by improving their number sense through games, songs and rhymes. Getting them familiar with numbers sets a foundation for good number sense

Incorporating numbers with dressing, cooking and shopping incorporates addition, subtraction, multiplication and division giving math a real life use outside of the classroom. It gives your child practice and

Here are some tips to help your child develop their number sense and mental math ability

Improve number sense at home

In preschool and kindergarten mental math is fun. Math strategies can be used with the things of everyday life, dressing, toys, games, food and nature.

  • Match correct number of words with things
  • Count buttons
  • Count steps from door to street
  • Count eggs in carton or apples in a bowl
  • Recognize page numbers during story time
  • Sing rhymes that use numbers- 5 little ducks, Baba black sheep
  • Ask before and after number
  • Play Dominoes or Snakes and Ladders
  • Have them count cookies

Ways to improve number sense when you add, subtract, multiply and divide

There are many ways to to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Children need to find the method that suits them and make numbers a part of everyday life.

  • Use objects to add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • Need to see and count each object
  • Play snakes and ladders, dice
  • Card games: Uno, 21 or Bust
  • Use grocery shopping as way to reinforce numbers. I need 10 apples, I have 6, how many more do I need
  • Multiplication drills, use flashcards with different numbers missing

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