Tips for Parents to Encourage Young Readers

Some kids just love books. They love to play with them, look at them and even pretend to read them.

Other children need a little encouragement to be captivated by a story. Making time to have reading part of your daily life, no matter the age of your child gives them a foundation for life long learning.

Two reasons for Parents to encourage your readers

Tips for Parents to Encourage Younger ReadersThe National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reading study concluded that 74 percent of children entering first grade at risk for reading failure have reading problems as adults. The problem is not improving.

The National Centre for Educational Statistics reported in 2002 that 36 percent of fourth graders couldn’t read and understand even a short paragraph like those in children’s books.

Poor reading skills impact every subject and can destroy the natural love of learning every child has.

Here are 5 tips to encourage a love of books in your young reader

Read every day: Kid’s thrive on routine. Make a quiet time after dinner or before bed and make it a reading time. Read out loud, read together or let your child look at the pictures in books.

Reread favourites: Most parents have a few storybooks they can recite by heart having read them so many times. Re-reading the same story is a good habit. Repetition helps your child recognize sight words and learn new vocabulary. Familiar stories are comforting and kids love the same characters in similar plots.

Incorporate a few reading strategies: You can read out loud. Let your child point to words after you say them. Let your child tell you the story by looking at the picture, read together. Different reading strategies makes reading time interesting and builds in work recognition through repetition. Young children love books that rhyme.

Take them to the library: Regular visits to the library can be a big reading adventure. Many libraries have reading time for little ones and a list of recommended books.

Start with the classics: there is a reason why these stories have survived decades. it’s because kids just love them. if you are looking for a series of books here are five great authors.

  • Babar
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • The Faraway Tree
  • Madeline
  • Dr. Seuss

Reading every day can help your child love books and stories.

A great product to help you bring reading skills into your home is the Children Learning Reading program. It’s a fun, educational reading program that will make reading an enjoyable part of your family life and create a foundation to learn.


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