Tips for Parents to Encourage Teens to Read

Are you looking for Tips to Encourage Your Teen to Read?

Keeping up the reading habit throughout the school years has many proven benefits. Studies have shown kids who read regularly have better reading and writing skills, a more expansive vocabulary and comprehension skills. In this age group keeping your teen interested in books can be very challenging.

If you have a child that isn’t interested in reading or has decided they don’t like books anymore there are a few ways to encourage the reading habit.

5 ways to keep your pre-teen or teenager engaged and reading books

Tips for Parents to Encourage Teens to ReadRead Comics – Some educators don’t consider comics literature but for parents whose kids don’t like to read at all some reading is better than no reading at all. Comics can be an entry point to engaged and active readers.

A longer type of comic book is called a graphic novels. Some graphic novels are comic book adaptations of novels such as A Wrinkle in Time, Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet series and the Lunch Ladies series.

The combination of shorter text and graphics make reading more enjoyable for those kids who aren’t very excited about books.

Try funny stories – Kids love humor. Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Captain Underpants is an example of a boy getting into trouble. Many kids love stories about naughty children. These novellas don’t take long to read and kids find them entertaining.

Look at the genre – Older kids start to have preferences. Advernture, sci-fi, war stories superhero, mystery or non-fiction. See if you can find books that fit the genre your child likes. Take them to the library and show them the shelves of books that they can explore in their favourite genre.

Find a good series – Get them hooked on a series. Finding a series they love can keep them reading for months. Most genres have at least one series of books. Two of the most popular are, Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and Harry Potter.

Try some Classics – Are there any books from your childhood your child may like to read. The classics have entertained generations of readers. Some great reads are the Narnia books, Charlotte’s Web, Anne or Green Gables.

Books are magic and it just takes one good reading experience to get your child reading books again.

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