Kids Speed Reading and Comprehension Tips

Helpful Tips for Your Kids Speed Reading and Comprehension

Kids Speed Reading and Comprehension TipsSome kids don’t progress from early reading habits unless they have help and encouragement. Lip reading, focusing on one word at a time are two reading habits that slow down reading speed and comprehension.

Understanding the basics of speed reading is the first step. Here are some tips for parents and kids to work together to improve reading skills.

Time your child’s reading time

Take a passage of 100 words and time your child’s reading. Re-test to see how they improve week by week.

Get in some regular practice

Regular consistent practice is important. If your child doesn’t like reading start with short practices during the school week. Be consistent.

Choose an Easy text

To start you want to choose a story or text easier than your child’s reading level. At this point you don’t want them get tripped up with vocabulary. The speed reading technique is to read words in groups, three or four words at a time. Not every text is good for speed reading.

A easy speed reading technique for kids

Have your child read quickly for two minutes and rest for one minute. Timing speed reading makes kids focus and read faster. Beating the clock can be fun. A little reading every day goes a long way.

Use a pencil or pointer to speed up reading

Faster reading means less back and forth eye movement. Using a pointer keeps the eye tracking forward so your child’s eye cannot go back and forth. This may seem hard in the beginning but with consistent practice kids improve quickly

If your child has a habit of looking back and forth while reading covering what was read will keep your child’s eyes moving in a forward direction which is what faster readers do.

Don’t let your child read a passage twice

Re-reading slows reading speed down. Your aim is to stop back and forth movement and have your child read groups of words and move forward. Many readers backtrack to check they understood what they were reading.

How to help with reading comprehension

Have your child re-tell the story they have just read. You want them to know the basic storyline and use keywords and detail. This may be the time to work on improving vocabulary which helps kids read faster.

Ask your child to tell you the key word in a paragraph they have read. These are the main words that tell the story.

Have your child read the title, sub heading and contents and get them to predict the story. Good predicting skills are part of reading comprehension.

Speed reading is learning to read faster and remember more of what you read. A speed reading program is the most efficient and fun way to improve reading skills. Improving reading through a computer is fun for kids with text animation and pacing.


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