How to Improve Kids Vocabulary

Improving vocabulary is an important part of the core curriculum at school.

How to Improve Kids VocabularyMemorizing sight words, spelling tests, timed tests and word games are ways to help reading and writing.

The bigger your child’s vocabulary the easier they will find reading and writing. Research has shown that kids with higher vocabularies do better throughout school. Parents, teachers and the books they read have a huge impact on vocabulary.


Best ways to help kids learn words

Give simple kid friendly definitions

Give your child kid friendly explanations of the new word. Tell them enormous means very big. Keep your explanations short and simple.

Use the word in everyday life

Keep a list of your child’s new words. This list can contain their weekly spelling words, a new word from a reader and words they have asked questions about. Use these words in real life. Give them practice hearing it, hearing it in sentences and using the word.

Read a lot

Research has shown the most consistent way to learn vocabulary is to see a word more than once in different ways, using a word, seeing it in different stories and naturally repeating the word. The easiest way to do this is to have your child read consistently.

Does your child have favourite stories they have memorized? If your child is at the pre-reading stage let them fill in the words as you read together. It boosts confidence and improves their vocabulary.

If your child is older let them choose the books they are interested in. Some comics have very sophisticated vocabulary. The point is to increase the number or words they are exposed to. If they are really interested in the reading material, the concepts, ideas and vocabulary will stick.

Memorize sight words

Sight words are some of the most common used words in the English language. They have to be memorized as they do not follow phonetic rules. Helping your kids memorize sight words and use them correctly can give them a head start in learning to read and write.

Games and vocabulary books make learning new words and improving vocabulary easy and fun.

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