How to Improve Kids Reading Speed

Improve Your Kids Speed Reading Skills

Speed reading is a collection of proven techniques that improve reading speed and comprehension. Many kids have poor reading habits that slow down their reading such as too much eye movement, looking at one word at a time and poor vocabulary.

How to Improve Kids Reading SpeedReading is a complex skill. Scientists used to believe when you read your eyes focused on a certain letter or word. The latest research has proven this untrue. Each of the eyes looks at a different letter at the same time. Often two letters apart. The brain recognizes patterns and puts the two images together to form a word . This happens instantly.

Improving reading is a skill based activity. It takes time and practice to replace bad reading habits with better faster reading habits. Here are faster reading habits for kids.

  • Visualize what your are reading

Reading is a visual skill not an auditory one. Have your child close their eyes and visualize the story or see it as a movie in their head to improve comprehension and reading speed.

  • Read words in groups

Faster readers read in blocks of two, three or four words . Slower readers look at one word at a time, over concentrating so they forget the meaning of the sentence. Hold the book a little farther away so it is difficult to see one word. This forces kid’s to look at chunks of words which is how faster readers with good comprehension read.

  • Expand their gaze

Slow readers focus on one word at a time. The eye can see around 5 words at a time. See if your child can read words in blocks when they hold their book a little father away. This forces them to look at groups of words.

  • Poor Concentration

Kids that are slow readers often get distracted easily. Learning to stop moving lips and read in chunks takes a lot of concentration. Reading faster takes time. Plan short practice reading times often.

  • Teach you child to Scan

Slow readers pay attention to core and supplementary information equally. Faster readers scan the page to title and sub heads and scan the less important material and slow down with core information.

  • Expand vocabulary

Kid’s who increase their vocabulary have better comprehension and vocabulary. Combining vocabulary and reading practice for short periods during the school week are a strategy to faster reading.

Does your child need extra help? Consider a speed reading program that has unique interactive exercises with text, animation and pacing. Speed reading computer program is the most efficient way to transform and slow reader to a faster reader.


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