Guide to Reading Speed for Kids

Reading is a complex task for kids to learn

Kids that are slower readers read less or dislike reading. They struggle to understand what they are reading and usually have to re-read a text several times to get the meaning. Kids may also feel exhausted reading as it takes more effort to understand the text. Slower readers are behind in their sight reading skills and the ability to decode words instantly.

Guide to Reading Speed for Kids Reading fluency is how fast your child reads, how much they can remember and retell and if they read with expression.. Meyer and Felton defined fluency as “‘the ability to read connected text rapidly, smoothly, effortlessly, and automatically with little conscious attention to the mechanics of reading, such as decoding” (1999, p. 284).

Kids that are slower readers need more exposure and practice to recognize individual words easily and automatically.

Once your child can decode the pronunciation and meaning of words automatically and not slow down to break down or spell out a word their fluency improves. Being able to decode words instantly is called sight reading.

Here is a basic guide to average speed reading rates in school age children. a lower than average speed reading rate may indicate your child needs extra practise with their reading skills.

What is an average reading speed

Grade 2 average reading rate of 121

Grade 3 average reading rate of 135

Grade 4 average reading rate of 149

Grade 5 average reading rate of 163

Grade 6 average reading rate of 177

Grade 7 average reading rate of 191

Grade 8 average reading rate of 205

Grade 9 average reading rate of 219

source Carver 1990

If your child needs extra help you may want to consider a speed reading program that has unique interactive exercizes with text, animation and pacing. Speed reading computer program is the most efficient way to transform and slow reader to a faster reader.


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