Four Simple Speed Reading Tips for Older Students

Tips on Speed Reading for Older Students

Slow reading is a problem with under preforming students. Slow readers have trouble finishing tests, keeping up with assignments and may not like reading. When students reach high school the need to read more, read faster and remember is crucial to finishing assignments and doing well.

Four Simple Speed Reading Tips for Older Students Speed reading is a series of skills that anyone can learn if they put in the time and effort. Once your child is in the 4th and 5th grade and comfortable with reading they are ready to learn speed reading skills to improve their reading rate.

For older students speed reading is a crucial skill for keeping up with reading assignments. Here are four speed reading techniques your child can use right now improve their reading speed and get homework and reading assignments done a lot faster

  • Key Words

Does your child pay attention to keywords reading assignments in school? Learning to see the key words that contain important information helps reading speed. This means skimming over the filler words like prepositions,(about, along before despite and conjunctions(and, so, but). They also need to be aware of titles, subtitles and words in bold print that indicate important concepts.

  • Identifying the main idea

Improving comprehension is an important component of speed reading. Slower readers focus so much on individual words they miss detail and general comprehension of the passage. Can your child read quickly and report the main idea of the paragraph? Each paragraph has a main idea. Understanding this and retelling key points helps memory retention and confidence.

  • Skim reading

Skim reading is a technique your child needs to use frequently in school. It’s another way to quickly identify the main idea. Look at the title and read rapidly to zero in on the important information.

Contents page, main headings and chapter divisions and words in bold are what you look for when you skim read. This identifies what sections are important and what sections your child can skim through. Identifying the main idea and looking at the first and last sentences of each paragraph are skimming techniques.

  • Use a Pointer to Guide Reading

Your child can use their finger, pen or a card as pointers. Using a pointer helps direct the eyes so kids can read faster and pick out information quickly. Part of speed reading is improving eye span. The ability to see and take in groups of words, remember what you see and not need to backtrack and repeat the text.

These four skills will help your older student read faster and remember what they are reading. A speed reading computer program is a fun and easy way to achieve top reading level with unique exercises to boost reading efficiency through interactivity, text animation and pacing.


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