Bad Reading Habits of Slower Readers

Bad habits in reading are a core problem with kids that are slower readers

Bad Reading Habits of Slower ReadersA below average reading speed has a negative impact on your child’s ability to learn. It’s a common fact that slower readers spend more time re-reading text, doing schoolwork and completing tests.

Slow reading is improved with awareness and practice. If you suspect your child’s reading is slower than average reading with them and assessing their bad reading habits is your first step to help them become better readers.

Common Slow Reading Habits

Vocalizing while they read

Is your child moving their lips when they read? Many kids talk/read when they are beginner readers. As kids progress and mature they are expected to drop this habit. Vocalizing while they read slows reading speed down and limits comprehension. Reading is a visual not an auditory skill.

When kids move their lips it slows their reading rate down to a fast talking rate which is around 150 words a minute at best. This is under the average reading speed for grade five.

Reading at the same speed

Does your child read everything at the same speed. Faster readers skim or quickly read familiar words and phrases slow down with new words or difficult text . Your child needs to speed up with familiar vocabulary and slow down with more difficult passages.. As kid’s move up in grades they are expected to read longer more difficult passages. Reading everything at the same speed makes finishing homework, tests and projects harder.

Rereading the same passage

The habit of skipping back to words they have just read or jumping back a few sentences, just to make sure that they read something right slows reading down. When your child does this they lose the flow and structure of the text. Jumping back and forth when reading makes the text confusing.

Reading one word at a time

Slow readers look at one word, with eyes focusing on one word at a time. Faster readers look at words in groups read in idea-phrase and have less eye movement. Reading one word at a time means comprehension is limited and it is hard to connect and remember the information.

If your child needs extra help you may want to consider a speed reading program that has unique interactive exercises with text, animation and pacing. Speed reading computer program is the most efficient way to transform and slow reader to a faster reader.


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