7 Tips to Improve High School Students Vocabulary

How to Improve Vocabulary for High School Students?

An excellent working vocabulary is essential for high school students. A poor vocabulary will hold them back in school. It limits creative self expression which is important for writing essays and understanding instructions. Every subject has a specific vocabulary that is necessary to learn.

Here are seven tips your child can use to improve their vocabulary.

7 Tips to Improve High School Students VocabularyRead a lot

You’ll hear every teacher repeat this again and again. Your high schooler needs to be reading books every month. Reading shows words in context as well as repetition. A variety of texts will use vocabulary in different ways. Choose books at the right reading level or personal interest.

Memorize vocabulary

This method is slower and can be boring for students. You choose 10 words a day, print them on index cards or on your computer or phone. When you have spare time you study them.

Paraphrase definitions

Look up the word in the dictionary write out the definition in your own words. Write out your own examples that relate to your life.

Study synonyms and antonyms

Another way to improve vocabulary quickly is to add the synonyms and antonyms for every word you learn. Learning similar words and opposites makes them easier to remember. Not every word has an opposite but they usually have similar words. Learning words in related groups helps memory.

Use words in context

Using a word in context helps students remember the definition of the word.

Sort words into categories

Sort your new words into categories. Remembering how words relate to each other helps remember meaning.

Keep a vocabulary page for each subject

Every subject has it’s own vocabulary. Keep a vocabulary page in each notebook so you can study subject related definitions.

Students can quickly understand a wide range of words and get better grades with a great vocabulary. Vocabulary learning can be fun, easy and fast with a software computer vocabulary program. A good vocabulary makes you a better writer and communicator.

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