10 Common Vocabulary Problems for Students

Does your kid struggle with reading? They may have a poor vocabulary.

These kids usually dislike reading. They avoid it. They misunderstand instructions on tests and find instructions and lectures confusing.

10 Common Vocabulary Problems For StudentsA lack of vocabulary can be the cause of poor reading skills and makes learning every subject challenging.

Luckily this is easy to improve. If your pre-teen or teenager are struggling you may want to check to see if a poor vocabulary is holding them back.

Here are ten common problems for students who need to upgrade their vocabulary skills:

1. Don’t know prefixes and suffixes. Knowing Prefixes and suffixes are easy vocabulary builders.

2. Cannot tell the meaning of a new word from sentence or paragraph. If kids have poor predicting skills they have blank gaps when they read and miss a lot of information.

3. Primarily read books below their grade level. Don’t ban comic books or graphic novels. Find out what genre your child is interested in and encourage them to read books that will use a wide vocabulary.

4. Don’t keep vocabulary lists for each subject. Every subject has vocabulary. If your child is not learning the new vocabulary in every subject they won’t be able complete assignments and do well on tests.

5. Cannot tell you what they read or describe story lines. Being able to retell a story using the words from the story may mean your child need to do extra work to remember vocabulary.

6. Cannot tell you in detail what they are studying in English class. With a poor vocabulary students fall behind and feel lost.

7. Struggles to communicate what they are thinking. This can be a lack of words to describe what they want to say.

8. Writes bland essays. A good vocabulary supports the ability to express yourself and communicate unique ideas.

9. Uses the same words over and over again. A lack of descriptive words, adjectives and adverbs means kids stick to the few words they know.

10. Unable to transfer new words to real life vocabulary. New words are easily forgotten and never used.

Students can quickly understand a wide range of words and get better grades with a great vocabulary. Vocabulary learning can be fun, easy and fast with a software computer vocabulary program. A good vocabulary makes you a better writer and communicator.

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