Memorization Techniques for Students

How to Help Students with Memorization?

Memorization Techniques for StudentsMemorizing content is an important part of doing well in school. Learning and remembering facts, data rules and processes is easier if you use memory techniques when you study.

Here are tips and strategies to improve your memory.

Review material before you go to sleep

Your brain works hard when you are sleeping. Reviewing material for fifteen minutes before you sleep acutally strengthens new memories. You can maximize your memory and leverage your study time by doing this.

Reread your class notes everyday

Review and highlight important information from your schoolwork that day. Research has shown students who read and review what they have learned that day improve their recall by as much as 15%.

Relate new information to information you already know

When you study relate new information to old information you know. This anchors new information so it connects to something you already know and is easier to recall.

Learn smaller chunks of information

Learn small chunks of information. This is often called spaced repetition. You break up information into small chunks and review them consistently. So don’t buckle down and learn the periodic table in one go, instead break it down into chunks and learn it over the week.

Review information frequently

Review information frequently. Read and review waiting for the bus, before dinner, for 10 minutes when you come home and 10 minutes before bed. You’ll find those facts become easier to recall.

Make a practice quiz

Make a test quiz. A practice test is the best way to find out what you remember easily and what pieces of information are a little harder to learn. Have someone from the family test you.

Teach what you have to learn

Teach what you have to learn. Teaching what you know can reveal what information you remember and what you can’t recall. This lets you focus your study on your weak area so you can be even more prepared for the test.

Using simple memorization strategies takes the worry and stress out of studying. Add a few techniques to your study time and see how you memorize faster, better and easier.


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