Learning Styles

How Learning Styles Helps Kids Learn Better

If your child is a slow reader or struggles with math, they may have a different learning style. Every child has a unique way of learning.

Knowing your child’s learning style is knowing their learning strengths and giving them the right learning support when they need it.

Learning StylesMel Levine MD co founder of All Kinds of Minds a non profit organization that studies learning differences suggests that parents start looking at learning styles around the age of 6 or 7.

Learning Styles are how you learn. It’s how the brain prefers to understand, learn and remember information. There are several ways to look at learning styles.

Kids learn by moving and touching, seeing and hearing and listening. You may observe your child has a preference.

One area to observe is what they love to do. Some kids will love reading and drawing, other kids love to be active and build, other kids easily remember what they hear and love sound and music.

Some kids learn better part to whole, others need an overview and then how the pieces fit together.

Other kids need a visual or they just don’t get it while others ignore visuals and need to talk it through. Some kids only understand things in words so drawing a picture will do very little to help them understand.

Learning Styles Makes

  • Homework easier
  • Creates the right environment to study
  • You understand what learning methods work best
  • Gives insight to learning struggles
  • You have the right words and ideas to explain topics

School isn’t a one size fits all. By learning everything about your child’s learning style you can make learning and school a lot easier.

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