Learning Styles – What Are They?

Every child has unique ways to learn and process information

Learning Styles - What are They?These preferred ways of learning are called learning styles. The three basic learning styles are Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

Some kids think in images. They respond to pictures and love to draw. Other kid’s Aha learning moments are by discussing what they learn. Some kids are restless when they sit and listen. They learn better with projects and active learning.

Many kids have mixed learning styles. Different learning styles means your child understands and remembers information in different ways.

Knowing your child’s learning style means you can help them with the way they learn and process information.

Learning Styles

Visual Learning Style: Visuals learn by making images in their mind. They love learning through pictures. Art and craft may be favorite subjects as anything creative or beautiful inspires them. They learn to read easily.

Auditory Learning Style: Auditory learners learn by listening and talking. Their learning brain gets turned on when there is background noise or music. They learn best through talking out loud or discussing what they have learned. They can be slower readers and respond to words more than pictures.

Kinesthetic Learning Style: These are body smart learners. They need to move to learn. They love physical activity and are restless when they have to sit and listen for long periods of time.

Verbal- linguistic Learning Style: Verbal linguistic learners show an aptitude and talent for words. They love reading and writing, have great recall and thrive in a word environment.

Visual-Spatial Learning Style: This type of learner loves maps, flow charts and organizing information. They are whole to part learners and find step by step learning hard to understand.

Tactile Learning Style: These learners need to touch to know. They learn best through models and writing. They can have trouble understanding verbal instructions but love clay, making models or craft.

Mixed Learning Styles

Visual Auditory Learning Styles: This style is best suited to the school environment. These kids learn through words and pictures.

Visual Kinesthetic Learning Styles: These kids are good readers but have trouble finishing school tasks. They like to see and do

Auditory Kinesthetic Learning Styles: This type of learner is good at listening and following verbal instructions but may get restless when they need to sit and read. Like all kinesthetics they need to move to learn.

Kinesthetic/Tactile Learning Styles: These learners can find the school environment the most difficult. They need to touch and move to learn. They find it difficult to focus sitting still.

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