Learning Styles Visual Auditory Tactile

Visual, Auditory, Tactile Learning Styles

Everyone no matter your age has a preferred way of learning. It’s the way our brain and personality are wired. It makes learning easier, fun and interesting. About 30 % of every classroom has mixed learning styles. One common learning style is visual auditory tactile learner.

Learning Styles Visual Auditory TactileThese learners are good listeners readers and writers and love interactive learning where they can touch and feel. These kids enjoy art and craft and like hands on experience. They respond well to many different learning models and like to discuss what they learn.

How Visual Learners Learn

Visual learners learn through watching and seeing. Most traditional classrooms teach to the visual learner. They like to draw, use color and are very good at remembering what things look like. They are the kids that loves having buckets of different kinds of pens on their desk. Their notebooks are dotted with little drawings and very often when they listen they doodle as this helps them concentrate.

How Auditory Learners Learn

Auditory learners learn through talking and listening. They learn information by repeating it out loud and like to listen to explanations. They may have trouble with written instructions and often move their lips or talk to themselves when learning new information. They thrive in discussion groups. Those kids with a strong preferred auditory style may be slower readers sounding out each word. They often talk themselves through tasks or hum while they work.

How Tactile Learners Learn

Those kids who have a tactile learning style love to touch. They love craft especially making things with wool or felt. They often have good finger and hand muscle control and love the feeling of writing.

Understanding learning styles makes a happy learner.

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