Learning Styles Visual Auditory Kinesthetic

Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Learning Styles for Kids

Every classroom is a mix of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. A typical classroom will have around 29 percent visual learners, 34 percent auditory learners and 37 percent kinesthetic learners with around 30 percent students of mixed learning styles.

Learning Styles Visual Auditory KinestheticMixed learning styles means your child is comfortable with two or more learning styles.

A visual auditory learner is comfortable with words and pictures.

A visual kinesthetic learner learns best through images and movement. An auditory kinesthetic learner prefers to move and listen to easily process information.

Most learners have a preferred learning style. It helps to know your child’s natural learning preference so you can understand their learning strengths.

Visual Learners – Learn through seeing

Visual learners think in pictures and understand new material when it is presented in diagrams and pictures and written instructions. They like to draw, doodle and love to use color in their notebooks. How things look is important to them. These students love to-do lists, and written notes.

Auditory Learners – Learn through hearing

Auditory learners thrive when they can discuss and talk about what they learn. Background noise helps them concentrate and they follow verbal directions precisely. They may move their lips when reading and are usually slower readers. Auditory learners learn better when directions are read aloud and they can tell you what they know.

Kinesthetic Learners – Learn through moving

Kinesthetic learners need to move. They love hands on learning like experiments, projects and love sport. The appear bored and restless with lectures and long explanations. They thrive when they learn and do. They learn best with interactive learning materials that they can touch and move.

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