Learning Styles Kinesthetic Tactile

Kinesthetic Tactile Learning Style for Kids

Kids with a kinesthetic tactile preferred learning style are the kids who are body smart. Their learning brains switches on when they are moving or touching something.

Learning Styles Kinesthetic TactileKinesthetics like to move and tactile learners like to touch.

These kids are physical learners. They discover the world, understand information and improve memory when they are using their hands and bodies.

About 15% of kids in every classroom are kinesthetic learners, with even more having kinesthetic or tactile learning a secondary preferred earning.

These kids are great explorers. They like to learn and do and thrive in project based learning environments. They focus best when they can move and touch. They like hands on and writing activities.

The learn and do learning model improves their focus. These kids often seem to have short attention spans but the reality is they need a short break to move their bodies and reset themselves into learning mode.

They are not the greatest listeners and often struggle with reading which needs a visual learning style.

These kids present many challenges in traditional schooling as sitting and listening are not their strengths.

They are active kids who thrive in sport dance or craft. They enjoy school tasks which let them move around the classroom and do better when they work with projects.

Characteristics of Tactile Kinesthetic Learners

  • Like to touch objects
  • Prefer personal connections to topics
  • Follow directions they have written themselves
  • Benefit from demonstrations
  • Learning by doing
  • Love maps, models and craft or art projects
  • Need manipulatives to touch to learn math
  • Enjoy drawing, designing, writing, tracing
  • Learn through experience and physical activity
  • Learn from teaching others what they know
  • Playing games
  • Drama
  • Learn or memorize while moving (pacing, stationary bike, finger or whole body games)
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