Learning Style Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents on Learning Styles

If your child fidgets, listens to music or would rather draw than write when they study, they aren’t being difficult. They are just using their natural learning style to get their homework done.

Understanding learning styles empowers parents.. Why? Because you are your child’s first teacher. Their learning style may be different from yours.

Learning Style Tips for ParentsUnderstanding your child’s learning style makes a better learning environment and a happier learner.

What happens when you know your child’s learning style?

  • Homework is easier
  • You have the right methods and words to explain topics
  • You set up better supportive study environment
  • You have insight into your child’s learning struggles
  • You communicate better
  • Your child works to their potential

What are learning styles?

Any parent with more than one child knows how differently they learn. Adults and kids have a preferred way of learning.

They can be predominately visual, auditory or kinesthetic with a preference for spatial, verbal or tactile learning.

Kids with different learning styles absorb, remember and learn very differently.

Main learning styles

Visual – These kids love using color and spend time highlighting underlining and drawing in their notebooks.

Auditory – Really into music and easily learn lyrics.

Kinesthetic – These kids like to be on the move and touch things.

Other Learning Styles

Verbal – Enjoys using words. Loves writing and reading

Tactile – Learns through taking thing apart and putting them together direct involvement

Spatial – Great sense of direction loves maps

Learning and school are not a one size fits all experience. Discovering your child’s preferred learning style helps you understand the best way for them to learn work to their potential.

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