4 Ways to Memorize Lines for a School Play

Tips to Help Memorize Lines for a School Play

School plays are a rite of passage. Some kids have the starring role and others a part in the chorus. One thing is certain at some point in their school life parents are called upon to help their kids learn their school lines or give some sort of support for older kids who have to learn lines.

5 Ways to Memorize Lines for a School PlayRepetition and learning cues are key to easily memorizing the part.

Here are four tips to make memorizing lines easier and fun.

Learn a few lines at a time

Chunk it down. Learn three words at a time, two sentences at a time. Practice reading lines. Say them out loud, close your eyes and repeat the lines. You can do this together with your child.

Use the scrap paper method for older children, write out the line on scrap paper, fold the paper over so the line is hidden and repeat.

Learn the cues for the lines

Cues are important. Read the cue the last word or action before the lines. This way your child won’t miss their cue, get anxious and fluff up the lines they have been studying. Make cue cards with one word on them to trigger the memory of the lines your child needs to remember.

Record the lines

You can use a line learner app or make a recording on a smart phone with gaps to repeat lines. This helps them listen and repeat practice.

Use learning styles

Learning styles make memorizing easier. If your child is a visual learner have them look at their lines. If they are an auditory learner have them write them on paper. If they are a Kinesthetic learner have them move while they are memorizing, or they may be a combination of all three methods.

Anxiety shuts down the ability to memorize to keep studying lines a fun positive experience.


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