4 Tips to Help Kids Memorize Spelling Words

How to Help Kids Memorize Spelling Words?

Good spellers are strong visual learners who easily remember the sounds, patterns and meaning of words. Developing visual memory is a skill a child must develop to be a good speller and reader.

4 Tips to Help Kids Memorize Spelling WordsIn the beginning kids try to sound out words phonetically but that only works some of the time. Many languages have contributed to English and for every spelling rule there are exceptions.

Good spellers do several things. They sound out words but don’t rely on this. They recognize spelling patterns. They memorize those sight words that don’t fit the rules. Spelling is a complex learning task where repetition is important. Kids need to be able to say the word, spell it and write it.

A Strategy to Memorize Weekly Spelling Lists

During grade school kids have weekly spelling lists and tests. Creating a little 5 minute memorizing routine gives kids the repetition and practice they need.

This memorizing routine is only 4 steps

1. Say the word

2. Close eyes, see the word then spell it

3. Look at the word

4. Cover the word and spell it

Group Same Sound Spelling words together

Most spelling textbooks these days group words that follow a pattern. So pan, man, and fan might be on one list and mane, sane, and pane on another. Recognizing and using patterns is an important thinking skill. Using these patterns to group spelling words together makes memorization easier.

Do practice tests

Doing some practice spelling test helps you recognize the words your child finds challenging to learn. Have your child write out their spelling words for the week. Then follow the next four steps.

1. Call out the words in a different order than your child listed them.

2. Have your child spell the words the best they can.

2. Have your child check and correct the spelling words.

3. Have your child write out a new list of the misspelled words corrected.

4. Retest the the new list of spelling words.

Don’t know the spelling rules? Tired of making your child practice spelling everyday?. Make it easier with grade related spelling workbooks that make learning spelling a lot more fun and interesting.


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