Finger Painting Tips

Finger Painting Tips for Kids

Finger painting is an art for all ages. It’s an easy craft for young kids and even kids in the early school years enjoy it.

Messy crafts are fantastic sensory integration activities for kids. Using sight and touch to create craft and art is an effective brain building activity. It develops right brain creative thinking,

A little preparation makes finger painting and clean up easy and quick.

Here are ten tips to make finger painting a positive experience for you and your kids.

Finger Painting Tips1. Finger painting is messy that’s why it’s fun. Make sure your child wears old clothes or a large apron, you can do both.

2. If you are finger painting inside protect your table top and floor. Plastic picnic tablecloths are good to use. Place on under the table and another on top. This way there is no panic with water and paint spills.

3. Experiment with the consistency of your paint. With younger painters you may want it a little thicker so it doesn’t drip all over. With pre-school or kindergarten children you may want to make it a little thinner.

4. Limit the colours you put out. You may want to start with two primary colors. When they are mixed together they make a third color. Blue and yellow make green, yellow and red make orange.

5. Paint containers need to be wide enough for little fingers but not too high they are easy to tip over. You can use Try take-away food containers, shallow yoghurt tubs or even egg cartons.

6. Young kids need bigger pieces of paper. This keeps them occupied a little longer and gives them more space to create. Don’t use thin paper and finger painting is a wet messy activity and the paper may rip. You can buy finger painting paper at your craft supply shop.

7. You may have to show your child how to finger paint. Indoors you don’t want blobs of paint thrown around.

8. Chat with your child while they are painting. Get them to tell you what they are doing.

9. Have a clean up area ready before you start painting. You may want to have some older towels ready for clean up.

10. Let the paintings dry and hang them up.

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