Crafts Help Develop Feeling Skills

Crafts help with Artistic Expression which in turn develops feeling skills.

Arts and Craft, enhances visual and creative self-expression with the use of colour,crayons, felt pens, and paint as well as giving you beautiful artwork to have in your home.These are all ways to express emotions that don’t fit into words.

Developing Feeling SkillsOpen-ended activities you find in art and craft means there is no right or wrong.

Differences are tolerated and makes a relaxed atmosphere where it is safe to communicate real feelings.

Children learn best through exploration and experimentation and multi sensory activities.

Sensory information by working with wool, felt and paint are tactile and create happiness and satisfaction.

Self- worth and self esteem are supported by the pleasure of planning, making and finishing an art or craft project. It builds confidence because there isn’t one way to do art.


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