Crafts Help Develop Thinking Skills

Crafts can help develop thinking skills and aid co-ordination skills with the use of materials and tools.

You may remember how hard it was for you to hold and use scissors when you were a child or sew something by hand for the first time.

Developing Thinking SkillsThinking skills are used when kids need to problem solve.

What colors to use from how many knitting stitches they need to the materials they choose. These skills are further developed when the child needs to solve a problem. Fixing artistic mistakes and re-planning a drawing or knitting project all adds to greater awareness and better thinking skills.

Planning a craft project from beginning to end or knowing what texture and colour you want to add makes the child think deeply about what they want to create.

Cause and effect understanding is realized when outcomes are seen and felt very quickly. Mistakes need to be fixed, instructions followed and patience learned to finish projects.

Experiencing a wide range of craft materials, making things fit together and experimenting all use thinking. Decision making is a big part of craft. Visual thinking skills are developed as art and craft develop eye/hand/brain co-ordination as well as information processing.

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