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Kids Learning HQ came about because we noticed a gap in the amount of information available for parents who need to help their children develop good learning skills.

Big or little learning difficulties happen at any time causing anxiety.

If parents are armed with the right info, kids who struggle in the early school years can have their learning issues resolved or managed well so they can have a very successful middle and high school experience. Even children who do well in some areas may struggle in others.

As parents it’s difficult to find the specific information you need right now to understand what is going on so you can take action and get better learning outcomes.

  • Parents need information, skills and strategies too.
  • Having the right “know how” to problem solve these learning ups and downs is the best help you can give your kids.
  • Learning styles is one of the many ways to improve learning. Every person perceives, absorbs and remembers information differently. It doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence. It’s simply a learning pattern.
  • Understanding the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning strategies gives parents a creative way to communicate information. This also enables parents to understand how to help their child with their school work, homework and creativity.

Knowing key factors like-

  • the difference between learning styles,
  • understanding the impact of good study skills,
  • how emotional intelligence helps your child and
  • the latest research on learning

Will provide parents with important tips and basic strategies to raise a resilient, confident learner. As a parent it’s a relief to have the skills to help your kids progress.

Jane, the founder of Kids Learning HQ, is a Canadian living in Sydney Australia. She has an intimate understanding of learning styles and best practice education through her expertise in teaching in classrooms in three different countries for over 15 years. She knows that children and parents learn differently and understanding learning styles narrows that gap.

Her education in learning really began when her children started their school life. Jane uses learning styles in her own learning, teaching and organizing work as a way to learn faster, better, easier.

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