Arts and Crafts

Are you looking for new ways for your family to be more creative and imaginative while having fun and enjoying themselves?

Are you wanting to decrease screen time and increase creative time with fun arts and crafts ideas.

Arts and Craft introIf creativity is your priority come and learn the why, what and how you need to know to include a range of age appropriate and developmentally sound craft ideas for children of all ages.

Arts, crafts and creativity are a positive, happy experience for everyone.

Crafts for Kids introduces color, form and shapes while developing imagination. Craft improves focus and concentration while developing the fine muscle skills needed for writing and small finger movement.

For older children, arts and crafts activities are a way of exploring ideas and deeply engaging in learning. Research has shown that arts and crafts helps creative and lateral thinking and problem solving skills. The arts support positive learning that help kids recognize, work through and solve problems as well as planning a project and working through to the end.

Whether you are at the pasting, cutting stage or the knitting, weaving and sewing stage of arts and crafts, let your child experience the pleasure of making beautiful things and the self esteem and happiness that art and craft bring.

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